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Tranport of goods

Is it possible to send a package across the fjord?

No, it is unfortunately not possible to send a package across the fjord, without you to follow it. From January 1st 2017 this routine was changed. Since all passengers travel for free, you can bring the package by yourself without any costs.


Bastø Fosen AS Tlf: (+47) 33 03 17 40
Rustadbrygga 5 bastohorten@fosen.no
Postboks 94  
N-3191 Horten  


General questions about AutoPASS can be directed to our AutoPASS service provider “BT Signaal”:

E-mail: autopassferje@btsignaal.com
Phone: (+47) 815 11 057 / (+47) 55 54 76 92

For questions regarding hazardous cargo send an email to: bffarliglast@fosen.no