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AutoPASS payment solution

From January 1st 2017 we started using AutoPASS-chip (OBE) as payment on our ferries. All use of discount cards was terminated from this date.

If you have a valid AutoPASS (OBE) contract and tag from another toll company, you will automatically receive 10% discount per crossing.

To get 30% discount, you need to sign a supplementary contract with Bastø Fosen. Note! Bastø Fosen does not issue AutoPASS tags. You need a valid OBE from a valid OBE issuer to get a supplementary agreement with Bastø Fosen.

In addition to the Norwegian AutoPASS-chip (OBE), you can use chips from foreign services providers which are included in the EasyGo- cooperation, for instance BroBizz®, ØresundBizz®, AutoBizz or Go-Box.

AutoPASS Agreement:
With the AutoPASS agreement, you have to prepay for each vehicle which is connected to the agreement. The prepayment is relative to each vehicle's length. The price for each crossing is deducted from the prepayment with 30 % discount. A new invoice will be sent when there is approx. 25 % left of the prepaid amount. There will be no other invoices from us besides the prepayment invoice.

Prepayment amounts:
Vehicles in category AP1 - AP2 (up to 8 meter length): 3.600 NOK for each vehicle incl. cargo.
Vehicles in category AP3 – AP6 (8, 01 – 17, 5 meter length): 12000 NOK for each vehicle incl. cargo.
Vehicles in category AP7 – AP9 (over 17, 5 meter length): 20.
000 NOK for each vehicle incl. cargo.

Company users with more than 2 vehicles in length group AP3- AP6 (8 – 17,5 meter) or length group AP7 – AP9 (17,51 meter and upward), can ask for calculation of the prepayment invoice based on average expected monthly use/invoice size multiplied by 1,5. The amount is in total for all vehicles that has been registered in the supplementary agreement with Bastø Fosen.


The table below applies to companies with «MORE THAN 2 VEHICLES» in the supplementary contract:









Per vehicle

Minimum number of vehicles which must pay full prepayment amount



Minimum amount



8 meter to17,5 meter





17,51 meter and upward





From the third vehicle and upward, following rules will apply:
The prepayment will be the highest amount of following:
- Minimum payment for 2 vehicles (24.000 NOK up to AP6) or (40.000 NOK for AP7 and upward).
- Minimum payment for expected use for 1,5 month for all vehicles which are registered in the contract.

This means that the calculation of the prepayment when you have over 2 vehicles must be done in the following way:
Discount price (in the right length group) per crossing multiplied by expected number of trips each month in total for all vehicles in the contract. The calculated amount per month must be multiplied by 1,5.

Direct link to where you sign an agreement: https://minsidemosshorten.skyttel.no/ (Choose English version at the top of the page.)

After you have registered a contract, send an e-mail to our service provider Skyttel AS: mosshorten@skyttel.no if you wish a prepayment invoice based on expected use in 1,5 month.

E-mail: mosshorten@skyttel.no

Phone: (+47) 55 30 00 01


To achieve 30 % discount, the total length of the vehicle incl. cargo must be within the same or lower category of length which has been prepaid. Without an agreement, you will get 10 % discount when using an AutoPASS-chip (OBE).

Fares 2019: http://basto-fosen.no/fares-2019/category782.html

An English version is available of how to create a subscription. Go to this web-site: https://minsidemosshorten.skyttel.no/ and choose English language up to the right.

Before approving the subscription, we recommend you to read carefully through the” local terms and conditions” for Bastø Fosen AS. This is the last step before signing the subscription.

General questions about AutoPASS can be directed to our AutoPASS service provider Skyttel AS.

E-mail: mosshorten@skyttel.no

Phone: (+47) 55 30 00 01


For English customers who own our current discount card "verdikort" (filled up in the ticket office), we will transfer the rest amount back to your bank account.
Please, contact us by e-mail to get information about how to get the refund: bastohorten@fosen.no

Bastø Fosen AS               
Rustadbrygga 5               
Postboks 94                      
N-3191 Horten
Phone: (+47) 33 03 17 40 (Mon.- Fri: 08:00 am. - 15:30 pm.)
E-mail: bastohorten@fosen.no

General questions about AutoPASS can be directed
to our AutoPASS service provider Skyttel AS:
Phone: (+47) 55 30 00 01(Mon.- Fri: 09:00 am. - 15:00 pm.)

For questions regarding hazardous cargo send an email to: bffarliglast@fosen.no