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To obtain a discount, a valid AutoPASS chip must be used. Discount is granted for vehicles in group AP1 <6m - AP9> 22m.

10% discount is automatically obtained upon passing if you have a valid AutoPASS agreement and chip from another toll system. The claim is forwarded to the toll company where you have the main agreement. You can sign an agreement with Bastø Fosen and obtain a 30% discount.

If you want to pay with AutoPASS, but don’t have a chip, you must make an agreement with a toll company that issues chips. Skyttel AS, who are responsible for Bastø Fosen's AutoPASS payment solution, offer chips through SkyttelPASS AS. Chips can be ordered at In addition, you can find an overview of all approved chip issuers here:

No receipt is issued when using AutoPASS chip. You can find the passage overview on MinSide where you have a main agreement (chip issuer) or here on MinSide if you have a discount agreement with Bastø Fosen. The receipt button under the payment machine in the AutoPASS field can only be used by those who pay by card.

All car passengers, pedestrians and cyclists travel for free with the ferry.

Manual field for payment must be used by the following:

  • Cars without AutoPASS chip
  • Motorcycles
  • Cars who, for health reasons, have special needs in relation to the location of the vehicle on board. (Can use AutoPASS chip for payment in the manual field.)
  • Vehicles with hazardous cargo. (Can use AutoPASS chip for payment in the manual field.)
  • Cars with a valid AutoPASS chip who want to pay by debit / credit card or with cash instead of chip payment.

A receipt is issued to anyone who pays in manual field with debit / credit card or cash.